Healing in Your Hands Programs

Transform Your Mental Health Journey with Revolutionary Self-Healing Techniques

Picture a life where you hold the keys to your emotional well-being. Envision unlocking resilience, alleviating daily stress, anxiety, and effectively navigating emotional ups and downs. What if the typical triggers that create chaos in your life and relationships could be managed, becoming just another aspect of your day or, better yet, turned into opportunities for empowered healing?

It’s time to harness the power of a growth mindset, explore healing strategies, and establish a lasting equilibrium between your emotional and cognitive states. Elevate your ability to surmount challenges, overcome anxiety, beat procrastination, and conquer stress.

An Innovation in Mental Health: Shaping the Brain You Deserve

Healing in Your Hands (HiYH) Programs are pioneering pathways to self-healing and empowerment. Rooted in the scientifically backed NeuroTriad Model, our strategies tap into the immense potential of neuroplasticity—your brain’s natural ability to adapt and heal. Why settle for a reactive mental state when you can proactively shape the brain that elevates your life?

You’re Not Alone: Your Supportive Community in Healing

Whether you choose our online or in-person offerings, we’re committed to walking beside you on this transformative journey. With HiYH Programs, you’ll have an invaluable companion in your pursuit of mental health and emotional balance. Seize control of your past, mold your present, and construct your future—using the revolutionary tools right at your fingertips. Transform your life today with The Healing in Your Hands Programs.

The power to heal the wounds of your past, create your present, and build your future is in your own hands.

Written by Dr. Kate Truitt, a psychologist, applied neuroscientist, and internationally recognized trauma expert, Healing in Your Hands is the first book of its kind to integrate the neuroscience of trauma and resilience development with cutting-edge research on self-havening—a groundbreaking technique that draws on the power of mindful touch to heal even the most profound traumatic stress. It weaves together powerful client stories, insights from the field of neuroscience, and personalized havening practices to create a complete self-healing program that anyone can use.

With the simple and effective tools in this book, you will learn how to:

  • Draw upon your brain’s amazing ability to heal itself
  • Cultivate a harmonious mind-body relationship
  • Instill a sense of security, self-determination, and empowerment
  • Calm your nervous system during emotional flare-ups

All this with a program built on science, proven strategies, and the very palms of your hands.