About Our Advanced Havening Techniques® Programs: The NeuroTriad Model Integration

Welcome to the Truitt Institute’s Advanced Havening Techniques® Programs, where the innovative NeuroTriad Model, a centerpiece of our educational framework, is integrated into each course. These programs are designed for professionals who have completed the initial Havening Techniques® Certification Training and are seeking to deepen their expertise in trauma-informed care, neuroscience-based approaches, and resilience-focused solutions. Delve into targeted areas such as treatment of suicidal concerns, developmental trauma, complex PTSD, chronic pain and illness, and more. Each course is tailored to address specific mental health challenges with depth and precision teaching advanced protocols, targeting sequences, and therapeutic tools to enhance your Havening Techniques practice.

Our Advanced Courses:

  • Holistic Understanding through the NeuroTriad Model: Delve into a comprehensive understanding of human experience, encompassing the BASEC pillars (Behavioral, Autonomic/Somatic, Emotional, Cognitive) for a multidimensional approach to mental health and wellness.
  • Integrative Therapeutic Techniques: Learn to incorporate Havening Techniques® into various therapeutic modalities, enriched by the NeuroTriad Model’s focus on sustainable mental wellness and holistic brain health.
  • Expert-Led and NeuroScience-Driven Training: Benefit from training led by professionals specializing in both Havening Techniques® and the NeuroTriad Model, ensuring a rich, evidence-based learning experience.

Why Choose Our NeuroTriad Model-Integrated Programs?

  • Advanced Skills in Trauma and Resilience: Build upon your foundational knowledge with advanced skills in trauma-informed care and resilience-focused strategies, grounded in neuroscience.
  • Evidence-Based, Multidimensional Approaches: Engage with the latest scientific research and multidimensional treatment approaches, enhancing your therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Community and Networking Opportunities: Join a network of professionals committed to innovative, neuroscience-based mental health care.

Enroll now in our Advanced Havening Techniques® Programs and elevate your practice through the integration of the transformative NeuroTriad Model. This comprehensive approach will equip you to address complex mental health challenges with cutting-edge, neuroscience-based, and resilience-focused methods.

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