Training Conferences And Seminars Offered
By The Truitt Institute:

The Official Havening Techniques® Trainings & Certifications

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to train with our internationally known training team! Dr. Kate Truitt serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Havening Techniques and the newest innovations in healing start here. Rich with experiential exercises, practice opportunities, and assured to be updated with the most recent advances in neuroscience – start your Havening Techniques journey today!

Fear Reprocessing & Cognitive Resilience Techniques

Join internationally recognized trauma and resilience expert Dr. Kate Truitt and our team to begin integrating neuroscience-based, trauma-informed, and resilience focused interventions into your existing clinical practice. New insights from the field of neuroscience have transformed our understanding of the brain’s capacity for healing and growth – begin welcoming neuroscience into your practice today!

The Resilient Brain Programs

Our programs in the Resilient Brain Model encourage participants to learn new skills, increase self-awareness and foster a supportive community. Based on our signature Neurotriad Model, in these program we teach practical methods and tools that allow individuals to safely and successfully support those they serve – whether as an educator, first responder, healer, coach, faith leader, and more!

The Healing in Your Hands Programs

Our highly specialized Healing in Your Hands programs are all about you! Designed by Dr. Kate Truitt and led by our expert team of healers, our vision is to empower individuals of all ages with the knowledge and skills to understand and shape their own healing and personal empowerment. Join us to begin healing your past, creating your present, and building your empowered future!