About The Truitt Institute

The Truitt Institute is proud to provide trainings, seminars, and courses taught by experts in the fields of Mental Health, Trauma Treatment, Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Stress-Related Disorders, Holistic Health, Resilience, and Wellness. Our educational offerings focus on three distinct tracks:

  • Our professional training courses are meticulously designed to offer healing professionals a comprehensive understanding of both the neuroscience of trauma and resilience and the groundbreaking NeuroTriad model. This model integrates three core elements crucial for innovative healthcare: neuroscience-based, trauma-informed, and resilience-focused care. Our tailored courses ensure that you are equipped to provide safe and effective treatment for your clients, seamlessly incorporating these pillars into your existing practice.
  • Our Healing in Your Hands programs are accessible to all, offering practical neuroscience-based tools for mental wellness and resilience. Tailored to complement our professional training courses, these programs guide you through life’s challenges, empowering you to intentionally shape a resilient brain and emotional landscape. Ideal for anyone seeking effective coping strategies and a more fulfilling mental life.
  • Our Resilient Brain Programs are tailored for everyday influencers like teachers, medical staff, faith leaders, and coaches. Rooted in the same neuroscience-based, trauma-informed, and resilience-focused principles as our other courses, these programs equip you with actionable mental wellness strategies. Make a profound impact in your community while fostering your own emotional resilience.

Our programs are led by the world’s leading experts. We also provide ongoing educational support through our certification programs, online communities, and consultation opportunities.